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CA IPCC Information Technology IT REGULAR FULL COURSE is newly Recorded Video Classes by Pavan Gahukar Sir for Old Syllabus with 100% course coverage.

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Lectures Title File Size
ITSM_Lecture-001 (IT Ch-01A).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_2194054856_1585976342 2092.4MB
ITSM_Lecture-002 (IT Ch-01A).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_1624702125_1585976987 1549.4MB
ITSM_Lecture-003 (IT Ch-01A).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_1648527462_1585977459 1572.2MB
ITSM_Lecture-004 (IT Ch-01A).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_1779228809_1585977956 1696.8MB
ITSM_Lecture-005 (IT Ch-01A).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_1712365260_1585978474 1633MB
ITSM_Lecture-006 (IT Ch-01B).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_2097880850_1585978984 2000.7MB
ITSM_Lecture-007 (IT Ch-01B).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_1725702918_1585979572 1645.8MB
ITSM_Lecture-008 (IT Ch-2).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_903421524_1585979903 861.6MB
ITSM_Lecture-009 (IT Ch-2).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_951401947_1585980074 907.3MB
ITSM_Lecture-010 (IT Ch-2 & 3).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_793974787_1585980255 757.2MB
ITSM_Lecture-011 (IT Ch-3).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_853492475_1585980405 814MB
ITSM_Lecture-012 (IT Ch-3).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_878589007_1585980568 837.9MB
ITSM_Lecture-013 (IT Ch-3).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_908095331_1585980735 866MB
ITSM_Lecture-014 (IT Ch-6).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_850885088_1585980908 811.5MB
ITSM_Lecture-015 (IT Ch-6).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_885073994_1585981070 844.1MB
ITSM_Lecture-016 (IT Ch-6).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_804265929_1585981238 767MB
ITSM_Lecture-017 (IT Ch-6, 4 & 5).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_945657742_1585981390 901.8MB
ITSM_Lecture-018 (IT Ch-5 & SM Ch-7) Flowchart in between.mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_731107861_1585981570 697.2MB
ITSM_Lecture-019 (SM Ch-7) - Flowchart in the end.mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_926814961_1585981708 883.9MB
ITSM_Lecture-020 (SM Ch-7) - Flowchart in the end.mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_801517392_1585981885 764.4MB
ITSM_Lecture-021 (SM Ch-1) - Flowchart in the end.mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_832610958_1585982037 794MB
ITSM_Lecture-022 (SM Ch-1) - Flowchart in the end.mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_740622142_1585982196 706.3MB
ITSM_Lecture-023 (IT Ch-7) - Flowchart in the end.mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_842494312_1585982336 803.5MB
ITSM_Lecture-024 (IT Ch-7) - Flowchart in the end.mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_740444616_1585982499 706.1MB
ITSM_Lecture-033 (IT Ch-8).mp_cs_qENSzZ_sz_707783625_1585982669 675MB

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