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CA Inter Accounting (Gr-1) REGULAR FULL COURSE is newly Recorded Video Classes from Rohan Sir’s Sep-Oct 2018 F2F Batch. Applicable for New Syllabus May/Nov 2019 &May/Nov 2020 onwards Examinations with 100% course coverage.

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Accounting Encrypted Lectures

Lectures Title File Size
06CAIACREGPD_ 5 AS 10 Property, Plant & Equipment PPE 2.mp_1536409368 326.8MB
07CAIACREGPD_ 5 AS 10 Property, Plant & Equipment PPE 3.mp_1536409390 341MB
08CAIACREGPD_ AS 10 Property, Plant & Equipment PPE 4.mp_1536409413 342.9MB
09CAIACREGPD_As 12 Government Grant 1.mp_1536409436 492MB
10CAIACREGPD_As 12 Government Grant 2.mp_1536654601 366MB
11CAIACREGPD_ As 2 Valuation Of Inventories 1.mp_1536409574 527.7MB
12CAIACREGPD_As 2 Valuation Of Inventories 2.mp_1536409609 374.8MB
13CAIACREGPD_As 2 Valuation Of Inventories3 & Departmental Accounting 1.mp_1536409635 337.6MB
14CAIACREGPD_Departmental Accounting 1.mp_1536409658 357.5MB
15CAIACREGPD_Departmental Accounting 2.mp_1536409683 357.4MB
16CAIACREGPD_Departmental Accounting 3.mp_1536409709 426.3MB
17CAIACREGPD_Departmental Accounting 4.mp_1536409738 418.3MB
18CAIACREGPD_Departmental Accounting 5.mp_1536409766 447.6MB
19CAIACREGPD_Departmental Accounting 6.mp_1536409797 450.2MB
20CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 1.mp_1536409827 475.8MB
21CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 2.mp_1536409859 346.9MB
22CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 3.mp_1536409881 435.8MB
23CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 4.mp_1536409910 519.2MB
24CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 5.mp_1536409945 356.7MB
25CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 6.mp_1536409968 442.9MB
26CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 7.mp_1536654617 347.4MB
27CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 8.mp_1536654633 280.6MB
28CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 9.mp_1536654646 373.1MB
29CAIACREGPD_Branch Accounting 10.mp_1536654662 340.3MB
30A_AS_17_Segment Reporting 2 only questions with logo.mp_1556363979 254.5MB
30CAIACREGPD_As 17 Segment Reporting 1.mp_1536654678 242.6MB
31CAIACREGPD_Redemption Of Debenturers 1.mp_1536654690 497.1MB
32CAIACREGPD_Redemption Of Debenturers 2.mp_1536654713 521.3MB
33CAIACREGPD_Redemption Of Debenturers 3.mp_1536654741 516MB
34CAIACREGPD_Redemption Of Debenturers 4.mp_1536654764 503.4MB
35CAIACREGPD_Redemption Of Debenturers 5.mp_1537016569 545MB
36CAIACREGPD_Dissolution Of Partnership Firm 1.mp_1537016628 666.9MB
37CAIACREGPD_Dissolution Of Partnership Firm 2.mp_1537016829 596.8MB
38CAIACREGPD_Dissolution Of Partnership Firm 3.mp_1537967306 452MB
39CAIACREGPD_Dissolution Of Partnership Firm 4.mp_1537967350 440.1MB
40CAIACREGPD_Amalgamation & Conversion Of Partnership Lecture 5.mp_1538548517 555.1MB
41CAIACREGPD_Amalgamation & Conversion Of Partnership Lecture 6.mp_1538548548 247.5MB
42CAIACREGPD_Amalgamation & Conversion Of Partnership Lecture 7.mp_1538548562 480.7MB
43CAIACREGPD_Amalgamation & Conversion Of Partnership Lecture_8.mp_1538631816 474.4MB
44A_CAIACREGPD_ Amalgamation & Conversion Of Partnership Lecture_9.mp_1538631843 519.3MB
44B_CAIACREGPD_Amalgamation & Conversion Of Partnership Lecture_10.mp_1538631917 507.9MB
45CAIACREGPD_Hire Purchase & Installment System 1.mp_1537967393 544.4MB
46CAIACREGPD_Hire Purchase & Installment System 2.mp_1537967446 533.5MB
47CAIACREGPD_Hire Purchase & Installment System 3.mp_1537967498 620.5MB
48CAIACREGPD_Pre & Post Incorporation 1.mp_1537967558 542.7MB
49CAIACREGPD_Pre & Post Incorporation 2.mp_1537967611 661.5MB
50CAIACREGPD_Pre & Post Incorporation 3.mp_1540882826 244.1MB
51CAIACREGPD_Investments Accounts_1.mp_1540645567 393.4MB
52CAIACREGPD_Investments Accounts_2.mp_1538631944 509.3MB
53CAIACREGPD_Investments Accounts_3.mp_1540645584 271.9MB
54CAIACREGPD_Investments Accounts_4.mp_1540645596 332.6MB
55CAIACREGPD_Investments Accounts_5.mp_1540645610 225.7MB
56CAIACREGPD_Accounting From Incomplete Records_1.mp_1540882847 269.9MB
57CAIACREGPD_Accounting From Incomplete Records_2.mp_1540882869 345MB
58CAIACREGPD_Accounting From Incomplete Records_3.mp_1540645620 522.6MB
59CAIACREGPD_Accounting From Incomplete Records_4.mp_1540645641 320.1MB
60CAIACREGPD_Accounting From Incomplete Records_5.mp_1540645655 355.9MB
61CAIACREGPD_Accounting From Incomplete Records_6.mp_1540645670 333MB
62CAIACREGPD_Accounting from Incomplete Records_7.mp_1542607974 743.5MB
63CAIACREGPD_Cash Flow Statement_1.mp_1542451015 313.9MB
64CAIACREGPD_Cash Flow Statement_2.mp_1542446765 334MB
65CAIACREGPD_Cash Flow Statement_3.mp_1553850967 393.1MB
66CAIACREGPD_Cash Flow Statement_4.mp_1542446797 267.3MB
67CAIACREGPD_Cash Flow Statement_5.mp_1542446812 370.3MB
68CAIACREGPD_Cash Flow Statement_6.mp_1542446848 245.3MB
69CAIACREGPD_As 22 Taxes On Income.mp_1542446873 365.6MB
70CAIACREGPD_Bonus Shares & Redemption Of Preference Shares.mp_1542446906 283.2MB
71CAIACREGPD_Bonus Shares & Redemption Of Preference Shares_2.mp_1543558868 307.8MB
72CAIACREGPD_Company Final Account_1.mp_1543558880 259.2MB
73CAIACREGPD_Company Final Account_2.mp_1543558891 275MB
74CAIACREGPD_Company Final Account_3.mp_1543558904 321.7MB
75CAIACREGPD_Company Final Account_4.mp_1543558919 301.7MB
76CAIACREGPD_Insurance Claim_1.mp_1543558932 287.9MB
77CAIACREGPD_Insurance Claim_2.mp_1543558944 262.3MB
78CAIACREGPD_Insurance Claim_3.mp_1543558961 345.9MB
79 Insurance Claim lecture 4.mp_1545371302 731MB
80 AS-16 Borrowing Cost.mp_1545371330 642.4MB

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